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About Linda's Bee Farm

Linda's Bee Farm is a family-owned apiary founded by Trumbull County beekeeper, Seth Steward, in two counties (Coshocton and Trumbull). Linda's Bee Farm is more than a conventional apiary, it specializes in Premium Specialty Crafted Bee Products. In 2014, Seth became a beekeeper after studying Apiculture for many years. Seth and his wife of 18 years Adrienne, are parents of six children and four grandchildren.

Seth's Mission:

After the loss of his mother to congestive heart failure (2013), he used Apiculture as a means of renewal and purpose, while advancing his passions, and building a tribute his mother Linda. She demonstrated compassion, tenderness, thoughtfulness, charity and love to all who encountered her. Linda’s Bee Farm seeks to continue her tradition while displaying those same qualities in its mission to protect, preserve, and promote the habitat of honey bees in the ecosystem.

Mr. Steward states, “The short answer is that everything that I have experienced in the course of my life has brought me to this point.” Particularly, the accomplishments, the failures, the wins, the losses, the disappointments, and the celebrations are all relevant. This craft is all encompassing. It is a confluence of not only several academic disciplines, but it is an opportunity to obtain a clearer understanding of the inner-workings of nature. I concluded, that if I could observe the bees, and develop a relationship with them, then perhaps I can obtain a more insightful understanding and relationship with her (Mother Nature).

Meet the Owner: Seth I. Steward
Biography & Work Experience

Born in Union County, NJ, Seth was raised in Linden, NJ, the third of four children. After graduating from Linden High School, he studied Automotive Technology at Lincoln Technical Institute, Computer Science at YSU, Business and African Studies at Kent State University. He studied Real Estate at Hondros College receiving his Ohio Board Certification as a Licensed Realtor in 2007. He has attended workshops, forums, and training conferences on Beekeeping in Wooster, OH, Plain City, OH, and certification workshops here in Trumbull County OH.   

He has raised as many as twenty-two honey bee colonies in Warren, Southington, and Fresno, Ohio. He intends to expand his apiary operation to 60+ hives this 2019 season. He is a second-generation beekeeper after his grandfather Dan Massey, of Canton, OH (2001) raised honey bees as a hobby in the 1940's and 1950's. He is also selected as the advisor to the Bee Master 4-H Club of Trumbull County 2019. Mr. Steward is employed in the Marketing Department with the U.S. Postal Service in Cleveland Northern Ohio District with 27 years of service.   

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